About the Designer

After years of living, working, and traveling all over the world, I have retired to the peace and beauty of Bonners Ferry, Idaho. I say retired”, but in actuality I have never been so busy. Surrounded by mountains, lakes, trees, a view from the house up a long valley into Canada, with moose, deer, elk, bear, and cougars, it is a natural place to be for continued creativity.

Having been a lettering artist, a fine detail painter, and an instructor of calligraphic lettering, art and design for over 35 years, this venture into working with copper, fold forming and creating wall art of copper and semi-precious stones has opened up an entirely new art endeavor for me.

I have previously worked with pen, brush, chisel, ink, gold, vellum, paper, and watercolors. Now I find the world of hammers, staking sets, pliers, torches, chemicals, metals, gems, and metal-forming tools a new challenge, adding another dimension to my work.

As a student of calligraphic lettering, an integral part of my artistic journey has been line, form, shape, positive and negative space, consistency, rhythm, and freedom. I had dabbled a little in jewelry making and decided to take a two week class in Taos, New Mexico, from Marilynn Nicholson.* She introduced me to a book called “Fold Forming” by Charles Lewton-Brain.** A class with him in Calgary, Canada, followed. I was hooked. The transition to fold forming and pounding metal occurred almost naturally. It incorporates years of experience in calligraphic design into a new medium. Working with metal and letting it find its sense of feeling and form without a contrived or forced plan is breathtaking. The metal gets to speak for itself. Mistakes become new beginnings and new paths. Charles said in a class recently, “If you make a mistake three times in a row, it becomes a technique”. Also, I may decide to make a flower design and it ends up being two giraffes. The metal did not want to make flowers this time. It wanted to make giraffes! It is important to feel the nature of the metal, and where it wants to go.

I have a Masters Degree in Psychology and Counseling and am a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor specializing in disaster and trauma counseling.  My husband, Stan,  is from England and is an internationally-recognized lettering artist, fine artist, teacher of graphic design and typography, designer of the type font "Knightsbridge" and author of two books, “Historical Scripts” and "Historical Type". We live with two cats named Chewy and Twig.  


*Marilynn Nicholson, Taos School of Metalsmithing and Lapidary Design    

**Charles Lewton-Brain, The Ganoksin Project                                      

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