The Hammer

 The need for a hammer with a head that did not mar, mark, or dent the metal being pounded became apparent upon my first attempts to flatten or shape a piece of metal (copper, in the first instance).  Thus, the journey to make such a hammer began with designing and creating a piece of equipment that would hold the tape, move it thru various confines and tension levels, through water, and up and over the spindle upon which the tape is hand rolled. 

Because of the handmade nature of the hammer, every one of them is different.  Any idiosyncrasies do not affect the purpose of the hammer, but are a reminder that this is a handmade item. The pounding surface of the head is smooth and hard.   

There are three sizes of hammer heads— Small (approximately 1" dia.),  Medium (approximately 1 3/8" dia.), and Large (approximately 1 5/8" dia.).  The handle visible below the head is approximately 9 inches for the Large and Medium handles, and 7 1/2 inches for the Small handles and are wax-turned hickory.  The handle is held in the head by wood glue and secured by a brass side screw. 


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