The Hammer Head

The hammer head is made of Kraft paper.  It is tightly rolled so as to form a smooth even pounding surface.

 Because of the handmade nature of the hammer head, every one of them is slightly different.  Any idiosyncrasies or slight imperfections in the hammering end will immediately pound out and do not affect the non-marring result of the hammer use.

 The handles for this paper hammer are made from genuine American hickory (Shagbark Hickory—Carya Ovata) which has been wax turned.  There is no other wood in the world comparable to hickory for strength, toughness, and elasticity.  In hardness, hickory leads all other commercial woods of the US and in the matter of shock resistance, it is also without peer. 

 Assembly of the heads to the handles consists of drilling, sanding, gluing, cleaning and inserting a brass screw for an additional security measure.

 To renew the velvety end of the hammer after consistent use, move it in a circular manner on a piece of 400 or 600 wet/dry emery paper. 

  It is not recommended you pound nails with it!

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